Учебно-методическое пособие по английскому языку для бакалавров и специалистов экологического факультета 2 этап обучения Краснодар 2011 г

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Plants Kingdom

"Love the animals, love the plants, love everything. If you love everything, you will perceive the divine mystery in things. Once you perceive it, you will begin to comprehend it better every day. And you will come at last to love the whole world with an all-embracing love."

~ Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Warm up

Plants – grass, flowers, and trees – grow everywhere: high in the mountains, far out in the ocean and in many deserts and polar regions. There are over 350,000 species of plants. Some are so small, that we can see them only with a microscope; some are very large, such as the giant sequoia tree. Plants are very old living things. There are platans in Russia 2,000 years old.


  1. release выделять, высвобождать

  2. breathe дышать

  3. rubber резина, каучук

  4. enhance увеличивать, повышать, усиливать

  5. thrive (throve, thriven) пышно расти, разрастаться

  6. shelter приют, убежище

  7. sugar cane сахарный тростник

  8. gasoline (преим. амер.) бензин

  9. endangered вымирающий (вид)

  10. species вид, виды

  11. die out вымирать

  12. sustain поддерживать

  13. incapable неспособный

  14. trace back восходить к определённому периоду

  15. carbon dioxide(CO2) двуокись углерода, углекислый газ

  16. give off отдавать

  17. oxygen кислород

  18. maintain поддерживать, сохранять

  19. leaf (leaves) лист

  20. capture брать, захватывать

  21. turn (into) превращаться (в)

  22. starch крахмал

  23. seed семя

  24. carry on продолжать

  25. barely едва, лишь; только, просто

  26. set apart отделять

  27. rigid жёсткий, твёрдый

  28. upright вертикальный, прямой

  29. aid помощь

  30. environment окружающая среда

  31. precipitation осадки

  32. melted snow мокрый снег

  33. moisture влага

Word Study

1. Give the Russian equivalents to the following words:
category, balance, nature, product, human, type, shampoo, camera film, fermented, fruit, panda, bamboo, cycle, form, organism, photosynthesis, energy, mineral, respiration, process, sequoia, complex, material, cellulose, skeleton, factor, temperature, area
2. Guess the meaning of the underlined words. Translate the sentences.
1) Trees produce oxygen. 2) The balance of ecology is very important for the life of the people. 3) All people get comfort and beauty from trees. 4) Trees give harmony to cities, towns and villages. 5) The tree transports minerals from the soil to the leaves. 6) In prehistoric times, Britain was well-covered with trees. 7) We can read about trees in very old legends. 8) Many thousand years ago man thought that there was a tree in the center of the Earth. 9) Trees protect the fields from wind and keep water and soil in them.
3. Translate the following word combinations:
one of the major kingdoms of living things; to provide with shelter; to enhance with beauty; to help them thrive; fermented sugar cane; instead of gasoline; in many different ways; protection from predators; an endangered species; the shortage of food; to play the most important part; this is so because; to release energy from food; to maintain the earth’s natural balance; can barely be seen; to stand upright; without the aid of an internal or external skeleton
4. Match a word from list A with its definition in list B.



  1. plant

  2. release

  3. predator

  1. species

  2. die out

  3. seed

  1. cell

  2. environment

  3. precipitation

  1. moisture

    1. an animal which preys upon others

    2. become extinct

    3. surroundings

    4. fall of rain, sleet, snow or hail

    5. microscopic unit of living matter enclosing a nucleus with self-producing genes

    6. condensed vapour on a surface

    7. living organism which is not an animal

    8. flowering plant’s unit of reproduction, from which another plant can grow

    9. allow to go; set free

    10. group having some common characteristics able to breed with each other but not with other groups

5. Place the appropriate word from the list in each of the blanks below:

set apart, destruction, kingdoms, thrive, release, leaves, breathe, leads, photosynthesis, carbon dioxide

  1. Plants are one of the major … of living things.

  2. In big cities people have to … poisonous substances from vehicles.

  3. Plants … oxygen into the air.

  4. How can we help plants …?

  5. The destruction of plants sometimes … to animals becoming endangered.

  6. The panda is dying out because of the … and the dying of the bamboo forests.

  7. Through …, plants take energy from the sun.

  8. Plants take … from the air.

  9. … are the main food-making part of most plants.

  10. Certain characteristics of plants … them … from other living things.

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