Учебно-методическое пособие по английскому языку для бакалавров и специалистов экологического факультета 2 этап обучения Краснодар 2011 г

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Read the dialogue and learn it by heart. Act it out.
(One day Kate and Pete meet in the reading room.)
Pete: Good evening, Kate. When did you come?

Kate: Hello, Pete, an hour ago. I read about other differences between plants and animals. Shall I tell you about them?

Pete: Oh, certainly. I’ll be glad to know about that.

Kate: Well, I’ll tell you a few words. Do you know what basic unit of life is?

Pete: A cell, I think. I studied the structure of timber last year.

Kate: Right you are. Plant cells have cellulose in them, and animal cells do not have it.

Pete: Oh, yes I know about cellulose in trees and other plants. This material is important for paper-making.

Kate: Just so. And what’s more, all animals are heterotrophs.

Pete: What does it mean “heterotrophs”?

Kate: It means that they feed directly or indirectly on other living things.

Pete: Oh, I see. Thank you.
Read the dialogue and express your opinion on the problem of animal hunting.
A: What do you think of fox hunting?

B: I'm completely against it.

A: But if you worked on a farm and your chickens were killed by foxes, you'd

think differently.

B: I doubt it. People who keep all those hounds and dress up in colourful

costumes really enjoy killing foxes. Besides, it's such a cruel way to kill them.

A: Do you really think so? Once the first dog has caught up with the fox, death is

fairly instant.

B: You seem to forget that the fox is already dying of exhaustion after long chase.

Then it's torn to pieces. If farmers really need to kill foxes, why don't they just shoot

them? There'd be far less damage to the countryside without hunts.

A: But fox hunting is part of country life. It's one of our traditions.

B: That's beside the point. Dog fighting and cock fighting were traditions and so

was slavery before we became a more civilized society by making these things


Unit 3

People and Nature

“Let us permit nature to have her way.

She understands her business better than we do.”

~ Michel de Montaigne

Warm up

The Earth is about 4,6 billion years old. Modern man has lived on Earth for only 35,000 years but, in that time, we have changed our planet in many ways. Many of the things are good, but many are not. We have upset nature’s equilibrium emitting toxic gases into the atmosphere, dumping toxic wastes into rivers and oceans and turning our countryside into the dump.

It’s you and I who are to blame for the state of the Earth. No question about it. It’s our life-style that is threatening life on Earth, so we must make the changes. The good news is that many of those changes are really quite simple but for every step we take as individuals, we must press government and industry to take a giant leap on our behalf. And we must start now; tomorrow will be too late.

    • Do you think that our planet is in danger?

    • How can we start to save the Earth?


      1. rapid быстрый

      2. corresponding demand соответствующее требование (спрос)

      3. global warming глобальное потепление

      4. acid rain кислотный дождь

      5. ozone layer озоновый слой

      6. adapt приспосабливать(ся)

      7. long-term долгосрочный

      8. harmful вредный, пагубный

      9. current текущий, современный

      10. buildup сосредоточение

      11. water vapour водные пары

      12. escape исчезать, убегать

      13. the outer atmosphere внешний слой атмосферы

      14. lock up запирать

      15. glacier ледник

      16. vehicle exhausts выхлопные газы автомобилей

      17. damage повреждать

      18. reduce сокращать

      19. emission выделение, распространение, выброс

      20. pollutant gas загрязняющий газ

      21. penetrate проникать

      22. slow замедлять

      23. hazard риск, опасность

      24. fate судьба

      25. deforestation уничтожение лесов

      26. disaster бедствие, несчастье

      27. oil spill пролив нефти

      28. contribute to способствовать, содействовать

Word Study

1. Give the Russian equivalents to the following words:

dramatic, individual, variation, climate, materials, result, temperature, atmosphere, to reflect, ocean, polar, to start, to mix, cycle, protection, ultraviolet, activities, to limit, technology, exploitation, uncultivated, erosion
2. Guess the meaning of the underlined words. Translate the sentences.
1) Extinction of wildlife might destroy the balance of ecosystem. 2) Maintaining constant temperature is highly important for the experiment. 3) According to some specialists the world’s fresh water resources may become exhausted. 4) Plants and animals are organic nature. 5) The cycle of nature links plants and animals. 6) Plants play a very important part in conservation and protection of soil and water. 7) Ozone plays a key role in the temperature structure of the Earth’s atmosphere. 8) The problem of acid rain has become a challenge to aquatic ecosystems. 9) Air pollution is the presence of any chemical, physical or biological agent that modifies the atmosphere.
3. Translate the following word combinations:
the rapid rise; the corresponding demand for resources; a dramatic impact; holes in the ozone layer; to affect the whole planet; habitat destruction; individual species; over millions of years; long-term variation in climate; harmful materials; to release into the environment; human activities; world temperatures; so called; the buildup of gases; water vapour in the atmosphere; to escape into the outer atmosphere; poisonous gases from power stations; moisture in the air; to reduce vehicle emissions; the Sun’s harmful rays; the growth of plants
4. Match the word from list A with its definition in list B.



1) rapid

2) impact

3) escape

4) moisture

5) reduce

6) emission

7) penetrate

8) adapt

9) damage

10) slow

    1. moving with great speed

    2. condensed vapour on a surface

    3. make less

    4. make a way into

    5. go at a slower speed

    6. strong impression or effect

    7. get away

    8. sending out or giving off

    9. make suitable for a new use

    10. do harm or injury that causes loss of value

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