В сборник включены следующие упражнения: выбрать правильное значение слова

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10. Answer the questions.

  1. What can startle a stranger if he looks at the map of Canada?

  2. How can you explain that the variety of the national make up of Canada is more vivid as in the United States?

  3. Canada didn’t separate violently from a European colonial power. What effect did it have on the national character of the people?

  4. What are the symbols of the lawman in Canada and America? What do these symbols tell us about the history of those two countries?

  5. Why are Canadians not so outgoing as their American neighbours? How can you explain their preferences to lead more conservative and moderate life?

  6. How many official languages does Canada have? Why is there a disturbing regional tension in Canada?

  7. Why are Canadians not anti-Americans?

11. Make up dialogues as instructed.

1. You are a Russian student in the USA. Compare American and Russian

societies and decide which of them is a «do – it – yourself» society.
2. You are a student. Your mother tries to prove that the use of blunt speech is
abnormal, that you should speak correctly and fluently. Try to find a
3. Discuss the difference between American and Russian way of resting.
4. Imagine that you are in the Arabic country and you don’t know how
Arabians greet each other and other people. Ask your friend to explain the way
of greetings in their country.
5. You’ve met a woman or a man at the restaurant. He is asking you impolite
questions. Show your attitude to this situation and explain that it’s not correct.
6. You are standing in a line to pay for your stuff behind a woman in a mall in the
USA. She starts to complain that you’ve intruded her “comfort zone”. Solve the

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