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extreme (n) – the furthest possible limit; an extreme degree to vary (v)

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extreme (n) – the furthest possible limit; an extreme degree
to vary (v) – to be different from
occasion (n) – 1. a time when something happens; 2. a special event or ceremony
on occasion = occasionally = from time to time
to range (v)to vary between limits; to reach from one limit to another
humid (adj) (of weather and air) – containing a lot of water; damp
widespread (adj) – existing, happening in many places or among many people
to head (for) (v) – to move towards; to go to
mere (adj) – nothing more than (a); only (a) , eg. a mere O.K
brevity (n) – 1. shortness in time eg. the brevity of our life
2. the quality of being concise eg. the brevity of her speech
insult (n) – a rude or offensive remark or action
blunt (adj) – speaking roughly and plainly, without trying to be polite or to hide unpleasant facts
stigma (n) – a feeling of shame or dishonour
chore (n) – a regular and necessary (sometimes uninteresting) piece of work or job in a house
menial (adj) – (of work) not interesting or skilled, and done by unimportant people
accomplishment (n) – a skill; something in which one is successful
warehouse (n) – a large building for keeping things that are to be sold
to cater to / for (v) – to try to satisfy desires or needs
restless (adj) – unwilling or unable to stay still or to be quit, calm, because you are worried or bored
to take pride in something/somebody – to feel very pleased about something or somebody you are closely connected with
privacy (n) – the state of being away from other people, so that they can’t see what one is doing
to assume (v) – to believe to be true; to suppose

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