В сборник включены следующие упражнения: выбрать правильное значение слова

Choose the best definitions for the following expressions

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3. Choose the best definitions for the following expressions.

1. to get the full impact of a) to be aware and fully effected by something

b) to be surprised with
c) to be shocked with
2. to be of great extremes a) to be very interesting
b) to be very different
c) to be very surprising

3. occasional frosts a) frosts happening frequently

b) frosts happening on special occasion
c) frosts happening from time to time

4. to do menial chores a) to work a little

b) to do unskilled and not interesting jobs
c) to do men’s job

5. to follow customs a) to go in the same direction

b) to pay taxes on goods that enter or leave the country
c) to act according to established and habitual practices

6. to feel awkward a) to feel comfortable

b) to lack skills in moving the body easily
and smoothly; to feel clumsy
c) to feel unpleasant
4. Give synonyms. Make up your own sentences with the following words.

influence unquiet

temperate achievement
to change family

5. Make new words by adding suffixes or prefixes to the italicized words. Translate into Russian.

er / ee / ment / able / un

  1. The firm employs about a hundred people.

  2. Gardening is a pleasant …. for a Sunday afternoon.

  3. Due to the economic crisis, it’s difficult to find a job. The … is growing.

  4. The car industry is our biggest … .

  5. The … in our company are paid a good salary.

  6. I think he perfectly suits our company, he is an … person.

able / ity
1. Thanks to the success of the business, we can afford a new car this year.
2. The top-floor windows could … us a magnificent view of the whole of the city.
3. The payment for accommodation is decreasing, so the rents to students
living on grants are … .

  1. The price of goods should be … to consumers, so …. is an important element of

less / ly / ness / ful

  1. I’m tired. Let’s have a rest.

  2. Sit down and … your feet.

  3. Pale greens and yellows make a … atmosphere in your room.

  4. After listening to him for three hours, the audience became … and tired.

  5. He is in great need of money, that’s why he is searching a job … . I value such his … .

ible / ty /ly / ir

  1. He takes full responsibility for losing the money .

  2. The head of a large company has many … .

  3. Who is … for this terrible mess?

  4. Now that you are 16, you shouldn’t be so … .

  5. I’ll trust you to behave …. while I’m out.

able / un / bly/ ed

  1. She was wearing a new dress, but he didn’t even notice it.

  2. If you look at the … board, you’ll find details of tomorrow’s classes.

  3. The damage to my car is hardly … .

  4. Crimes have decreased …. .

  5. In spite of all his efforts to be seen by her, he remained … .

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