В сборник включены следующие упражнения: выбрать правильное значение слова

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11. Answer the questions.

  1. What does the Greek root of the word ethnocentric mean? Where does this

word come from? Do you agree that an ethnocentric person believes that his or her culture is the best of all cultures?

  1. Do you agree with the statement that everyone is ethnocentric to some degree?

Can you say the same about yourself?

  1. Basing on the content of the text, explain why both terms, Eskimo and Inuit, are

equally ethnocentric.

  1. What makes the Cherokee Creator myth ethnocentric?

  2. What is the main cause of different food preferences among different cultures?

Are you ethnocentric in food preferences?

12. Make up the dialogues as instructed.

1) You were abroad. Tell your friend about your experience, culture shock and unusual

food and customs.
2) You are talking with your mate about relationships between children and parents. In
your culture children live with their parents until marriage because dependence on
parents is considered positive. In your friend’s culture children leave home when
they are 18 because independence and self-reliance are considered positive.

13. Search some information about customs in Germany, Iran and Great Britain.

14. What is the difference between having pride in one’s identity and being ethnocentric? Why do groups of people become ethnocentric?

15. Give examples of stereotypes. Can you think of cases where stereotypes have turned into prejudice?

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